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This is Perfect smaller version of the stage size Ultimate Prediction Board ,so you can take this amazing prop into more intimate and smaller venues!  Not only is it available, but he has made a subtle yet, dynamic change by removing the wood panel that covers the prediction door so it can just be casually covered up with paper (and thus less contraption looking).  This subtle change really makes it seem more instantaneous!
It goes like this…The audience is asked to develop a story with the details recorded on a single chalkboard, in colored chalk by the magician. Immediately after, the magician opens the upper door to reveal that his prediction, written in white chalk, matches perfectly with the spectators freely chosen words. This is an entirely unique principle that eliminates the drawbacks of every of prop of this nature.

No Force
No Double Writing
No Assistants
No Electronics
No “one ahead”
No “loading” the prediction from tables or envelopes, etc.
Just write the spectator’s answers and the magic is done!
The most direct and straightforward principle possible.
There is NO other effect in the world that can meet these standards!
Dims: 18″ tall X 12″ wide x by 1/5″ thick

This item comes with detailed tips and instructions teaching you how to maximize the impact of this amazing device. 



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